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Who Moved My Resume?: Sending and Posting Electronic Resumes

How many times have you opened a document someone e-mailed you and it looked like… hieroglyphics?   The person sent it with every intention of the document reaching you with the same look that it had on his or her computer screen. News flash – no matter how much you work at it or how hard you try, your resume may look like “garbled gunk” on some browsers.

Here are a couple of proven strategies to prevent this from happening:

  • If you’re using Word 2000, try saving the file in an older version.  Not everyone is working with the most updated word program. Sometimes the receiver cannot open the document if it is saved in a newer, higher version.
  • Consider saving your resume as a PDF file. This is the only way to guarantee that your resume will look exactly the way it does on your screen.  There are versions of Adobe Acrobat that you can download, or take your resume on a disc or floppy to a Kinkos-type store where they will convert it to a PDF file for you.  The down side of this is that some recruiters and companies will want to cut and paste your resume into their own format. A PDF file will not allow them to do that to your resume.
  • Avoid fancy fonts, graphics and thick lines that have a tendency to not transfer well.

As offices move to become more paper free, it has become a recruiting standard to subscribe to at least one online resume repository.  So if you’re looking for a job, or if someone is looking for your skills, odds are high they are going to find you online.

Now that you’re ready to e-mail your resume or post it electronically so that it can be read by perspective employers, here are a few more tips you will need to know before you hit the send button:

  • Employers can perform electronic keyword searches, along with other advanced searches, to find the candidate closest to their needs.  In addition to their full-time duties, most hiring managers are also responsible for hiring employees. Electronic searches help reduce the time it takes to sift through countless resumes, which therefore increases the amount of time available for managers to perform their regular duties, i.e.: managing the department.  Make sure to use key words in your summary statement that will catch the employer’s attention such as, manager, technical, bi-lingual, sales and marketing, etc. 
  • Most online sites offer a very intuitive resume builder. This resume structure facilitates a flow that is more familiar for the employer. 
  • Many online resume repositories also offer networking functions where you can communicate with others in your job field.  Networking, either online or through traditional avenues, is still one of the best ways to find a job.
  • Remember, anybody with the money to buy the subscription (or obtain a free trial use) can see your resume if it’s posted on a resume repository, including your current employer!  If you feel it would be a big problem if your boss found your resume posted online, make sure that the repository offers a way to anonymously post your resume. 

The Internet is a wonderful connecting tool that has opened up all kinds of opportunities for both candidates and employers.  Just remember to take a minute to think about how you’re presenting yourself before you hit the send button.

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