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Richard Knowdell
During a 29 year career, Richard Knowdell established one of America's first successful corporate career development programs, instituted an internal employee assistance program, directed a Silicon Valley corporate training and employee development department, established an executive outplacement consulting firm and served as an executive coach. Richard L. Knowdell, MS, NCC, NCCC, CCMF, is the President of Career Research & Testing, Inc., author of Building a Career Development Program: Nine Steps for Effective Implementation (1996) and co-author of From Downsizing to Recovery: Strategic Transition Options for Organizations and Individuals (1994). Knowdell teaches courses in Career Assessment Techniques at the University of California, San Diego and Employee Career Development Techniques to human resource professionals at San Jose State University. He is a member of the Board of Examiners of the United States Foreign Service. He has developed four popular career assessment instruments that have been translated into Russian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Dutch, Swedish, French, Vietnamese and Islandic. In 1979 he founded the Career Planning & Adult Development Network and has edited their Newsletter and Journal. Dick is a past president of both the California Career Development Association (CACD) and the Silicon Valley Chapter of the International Association of Career Management Professionals (IACMP). He was the recipient of the Robert Wegmann Professionalism Award from the Association of Job Search Trainers (AJST) and the 2000 Generosity of Spirit Award from the International Career Development Conference.
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