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Susan Gerke

Susan Gerke is the president of Gerke Consulting & Development and “helps people work better, together.”  Susan has been in business since 1998 following 21 years working for IBM.  She was a manager for IBM as well as a technical support representative and a management and leadership development professional.

Susan's focus since 1989 has been in designing, customizing and implementing leadership and teamwork programs meeting the needs of executives, managers, and employees in a wide number of companies and industries.  Her clients include Bank of the West, City of Anaheim, Experian, Irvine Public Schools Foundation, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Oracle, The Capital Group, Vision Solutions, and Warner Bros.

Application of her skill and knowledge has been in facilitation, consulting, curriculum development, and coaching.  Susan has developed and delivered experiential programs in the areas of group dynamics, team basics, mentoring, and facilitation skills.  She has worked with global teams and has certified facilitators around the world to deliver management, leadership, and team offerings.

A recognized expert on remote leadership and teaming, Susan is the co-author of The I in Team: Accelerating Performance of Remote and Co-Located Teams and  Quick Guide to Interaction Styles and Working Remotely. Susan has spoken at several conferences and seminars and teaches workshops and web conferences.

Susan is certified for SYMLOG, Herrmann Brain Dominance® (HBDI), Element B, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI), the Interstrengthä Method and the Management Team Roles Indicator™ (MTR-i).  She is a Senior Faculty member of InterStrength™ Associates, and a faculty member at Chapman University College Extended Education.

Susan has a B.S. degree in Statistics from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. She is a graduate of University Associates Human Resources and Organizational Development Intern program.

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